Wordpress plugin not displaying once published


I've installed the WP H5P plugin but once I've created a quiz (for example) and embedded the shortcode, it won't display the content on the front end.

Here is my exmaple page: https://www.steppingon.com/test/

I've inspected the H5P code and it appears as though the iframe is empty.

All help is very much approeciated.

Thank you!



H5P not displaying in Wordpress
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Hi James!

The most common causes for that issue are

  • some other plugin that introduces lazy loading of some sort in order to improve performance - but messing with the order that H5P expects files to be loaded - and
  • a theme that does not include a call to do_action( 'wp_footer' ); somewhere in its PHP files. H5P interprets that action as a signal that WordPress is done building the post/page and H5P can start its work: to actually fill the H5P iframe that's rendered already with life.