Retry or Check button not visible on True/False Question on WordPress

I have created a H5P True/False Question with Enable "Retry" button Checked and Automatically check answer Unchecked. But neither "Retry" or "Check" button is vissible on the page where the question is displayed. Some CSS from the h5p library is hiding the button. Screenshot attached.

Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong here or is it a bug?



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Where to those "Previous topic", "Back to session" and "Next session" buttonsn come from? Not part of H5P, so probably come from some WordPress plugin on your site which collides with the H5P css.

Those buttons are from the LMS we are using on WP. The CSS from the LMS as not conflicting with H5P - I have checked that.

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H5P content is running inside an iframe, so the CSS of the site does not conflict with H5P's CSS. That's one of the reasons why there's an iframe.

Could you please check where that file "h5p-core-bu..." is coming from that's visible in your screenshot? I don't think it's part of H5P, but of some customization.


The location of the file is

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Yeah, but that file does not contain any rules for the CSS class "h5p-joubelui-button". Are you sure the file was not tampered with?

You (or some admin) used the file to customize things - I just checked, your domain is visible in the screenshot. First and foremost, you should not add your custom CSS that way but add it using the alter_styles hook that H5P provides (ot you'll have to re-apply your changes every time the H5P plugin gets an update), and of course you're then responsible for making sure H5P content types still work as they are supposed to.