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I was filling out the Alt Text field for an image I inserted into the Media catagory of a True False question. That's when I noticed that my image description was too long and I could not put anything else. I would really love it if there weren't a limit on Alt-Text for screenreaders. I don't want to deprive any visually impaired students of a detailed image description because I only have so many character I can use. Anyone else run into this issue? Thank you so much to the H5P team! Love the product. 

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Image title missing in true/false content type

Hi !

I was doing some testing with the apostrophe (see this post : and I noticed that the image's title is missing in the true/false content type.

When I create my true / false question, I can insert an image and give it a title on mousehover and an alt tag (screencap 1).
But the title is missing on the user's end (screencap 2).

Not a big deal at all, but I thought I should bring it up although ;)



(Wordpress Version 6.1.1 / H5P plugin up to date)

Retry or Check button not visible on True/False Question on WordPress

I have created a H5P True/False Question with Enable "Retry" button Checked and Automatically check answer Unchecked. But neither "Retry" or "Check" button is vissible on the page where the question is displayed. Some CSS from the h5p library is hiding the button. Screenshot attached.

Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong here or is it a bug?