Any known issues with

I have been building a website (still unpublished/private) on for the past few months and have been experimenting with H5P. I currently have about 10 H5P modules, most of them Dialog Cards, True/False Quizzes, or Flashcards. Everything had been working fine up until about a week ago. By that I mean I could access and edit the modules easily. However, for about a week now, the modules have not been loading properly (sometimes they do not display at all on the website; other times they display but the icons don't appear and function normally) and I am unable to edit or create modules. I can get the list of modules displayed, but when I click to edit, it gives a 'loading' icon indefinitely.

I will ask support at, but are there any known current issues, or does this sound like a common issue with a likely solution?

Thank you,

David Nohara