Dialog cards

Trying to figure out why anything that doesn't explicitly have quiz items gets scored anyway.

Hi all,

I've been working with Opigno and Drupal 8 to build a simple training site. I posted about this issue over on their forums yesterday and haven't heard anything, but maybe someone over here will have a clue...

The gist of the problem I'm having is I created two of their modules. In the second one I created a bunch of "activities" which are all indivudal questions. And then set it to provide 5 of them randomly. That seems to be all working as designed.

Content type to create disappeared

I have been using h5p for few weeks with mainly "dialog card" type. But today the dialog card type disappeared and with only limited 7 content types available.

Do I need to pay to use? Please help. Or any settings are needed to be setup?

I am looking for using Speak a word and other contents.