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ich kämpfe mich durch die letzten Wochen dieses Schuljahres und dazu gehört nun mal die Sehenswürdigkeiten Londons zu beackern. Hier ein Teilergebnis. Weil so lange ich noch keinen Zugriff auf den H5P-Hub über WP habe, muss ich das notgedrungen hier einstellen. ;-)


I'm struggling through the last few weeks of this school year, and part of that is getting to see the sights of London. Here is a partial result. As long as I don't have access to the H5P hub via WP, I have to post it here ;-)



Artificiel Intelligence


I asked this question 1 year ago :
Thank youIs it possible to use artificial intelligence with H5P?
so that questions with wrong answers come up more often

Do you know if there have been any changes ?

Thank you

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H5p library and all contents don't display in Admin area and navigation bar of my WordPress site

Hello, I just noticed that H5P contents disappeared from the Admin area and navigation bar, all these contents can be shown up in the front-end, but in the admin area, they are invisible. even this page /wp-admin/admin.php?page=h5p is inaccessible to any roles who are permitted to access the admin. I have switched the theme to twenty-twenty and deactivated all plugins, H5p contents are still invisible.