Crossword - Suggestions for improvement

I like the Crossword feature but I find entering a series of words one by one is not efficent and quite time consuming.I like the way the Crossword activty works in the Moodle Game plugin and wonder if some of its features could be added to the H5P Crossword module.

  1. Ability to use a glossary or in lieu of that, import a list of words and hints from a csv or xls file.
  2. Ability to automatically choose a set number of  random words from the imported list so that the crossword can be different each time or for each user.
  3. Ability to define the maximum size  of the crossword in terms of across and down.
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Hi bollycanuk!

Sounds all sensible. Crossword was contract work that was sponsored by a company. It was designed to the company's specifications and needs, but they agreed to share the content type with the world in return for a lower price. So, Crossword was already sponsored by the sponsor plus the developer who gave a discount. Who do you think would sponsor further development that you are suggesting?