Drag and Drop bugs and improvements

Promlem 1:  No button "Show solutions" as in other templates. Students are really confused that they can't see the correct answers as in othe templates

Solution: add show solutions button


Promlem 2:  The title is visible in the task, we make titles with special codes so that it's easier to find the tasks. but it doesn't work with this template

Solution: make it possible not to show the title as in other templates as drag the words or fill in the gaps

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Problem 1. You might be interested in my hacked 'papi Jo' version of Drag & Drop on my test site at https://www.rezeau.org/drupal/node/32 where I have added, among lots of new features, the Show Solution option.

Problem 2. I'm not sure what exactly is your problem.

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As for problem 2, I assume that Kate is referring to using something like "Drag and Drop number 123, simple version, etc.", a title with additional information that's not supposed to be visible in the content, but it's only used for content management purposes . And I further assume that Kate has missed the "Show Title" option in the settings that she could uncheck: "Uncheck this option if you do not want this title to be displayed. The title will only be displayed in summaries, statistics etc."