Intereactive videо bugs and improvements

Problem 1: Not possible to switch on the subtitles. For our foreign students it's really difficult to watch the video this way and they are asking to give them direct links to youtube where they can adjust the speed and subtitles


Solution: bring the youtube settings such as subtitles and speed

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The subtitle option works fine on YouTube (seeh ttps://, but you need to add subtitles on YouTube. YouTube's API that one has to use in order to be able to display YouTube videos and to add controls doesn't allow to pass custom subtitles. I assume that the H5P core team didn't see the need to create a custom subtitle feature given that all players (HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo and Panopto) already provide one.

Not sure what problem you have with video speed changes, but that works to on the video linked to above. On YouTube, you'll need to play a video before the playback rate can be changed, because before YouTube's API doesn't report available options. Can't say if there might be a restriction of particular browsers, but H5P does not set any.