Structure stripe bugs and improvements

The template implies buttons "check" with really strange criteria of checking the correctness regarding the quantity of characters. Sometimes we want students just to write their ideas according to some structure so we don't need button to check. In genedal there is a lack of free form answers. 


Solution: make it possible to disable button "check"

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Hi Kate!

I am the author of that content type, and I will not add an option for removing the check button. Sorry. It's a "Structure Strip" content type, hence checking will give you information about the relative length of a section compared to the others - that's what a structure strip (traditionally on paper) is for.

I understand that you have some other use case that's not covered by Structure Strip, but that IMHO doesn't mean that to garble its idea is the solution - even though the change would be minimal.

Please suggest a new content type that covers your use case, think about specific options that could be useful for that one (for others as well) and suggest a name that might describe what it does so people know what it is supposed to be used for. And feel free to think about how to sponsor the development, too, to speed up the process. Otherwise you may have to wait until someone wants to pick up your suggestion and create code in his/her free time.