Problem with H5P Dialog Cards in Moodle

Hi everyone

There is a problem with H5P Dialog Cards in Moodle.

Moodle shows the title of the Dialog Cards to the students. Moodle should show the heading to the students. So the fields are mixed. 

I added soms screenshots

  • What I write when I create the Dialog Cards
  • The preview just after the creation
  • What Moodle shows

We want to use a cryptical title = an internal code to find back our H5P's. So the students do not have to see that.

Can this be fixed?

Thank you!



Like the user above this is making it really difficult to incorporate into many page designs.  Can this please be reviewed so that non title shows and a heading is still optional

Like the above user this is creating some display issues.  Titles are routinely internal and Heading would be more logical to be the displayed text.  It would also be good to make the display of a heading optional as these activities may not always be incorporated in the same way and this is preventing it from being used flexibly.