Forum's usability improvements

Hi. First of all I want to congratulate you with an amazing software that you've created! Thank you so much.

H5P forums are grow and it's become very inconvenient to navigate.
I've found similar feature request here, but it's very ugly solution to add '' to every search query, especially for a new users, expesially if they are not developers.

As for me it would be great to have filters by components (tags?), here is a little explanation:

  • which component is affected/discussed in the each topic of the forum
  • it could be library name, core, framework/CMS name
  • it could be displayed in the additional column on topics list
  • also a simple filters by that components would be nice

Perhaps there are could be more improvements, but this one will be enough for me. Thanks.

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Thank you for sharing! Will consider this. The original plan is to move everything that is related to feature requests, bugs etc out of the forum and into a proper issue tracker, but we haven't been able to find time for that yet.

It would be even better! :)