looking for xapi coverage details for attempted in Quiz (Question Set)


Looking at the xAPI coverage details for Quiz/questions set it is missing "attempted".

We use the quiz type to test our users, and we do not enable the "check" answers button. We have it so users can navigate through the questions, and they must answer each question before they are displayed their score at the end. The xapi stateemnts were seeing triggered with these H5P actions are interacted (when user selects a radio button/answer) and attempted (when the user moves on to the next question). We are expecting an "Answered" entry when user moves to the next question, as we need the additional data (e.g. result.response  and result.score.duration) 

Quiz (Question Set) xAPI Coverage | H5P

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I don’t think that the subcontent types trigger their individual `answered` statements if you hide their check buttons, but you can call `getXAPIData()` on the instance of QuestionSet any time in order to retrieve its own current xAPI data and the data of all the children (subcontents).