Sort the cards


Sorting content is a great way to build knowledge, but also show that you have understood the content. I want a content type "sort the cards" where the student gets different cards (with text, sound or pictures) that they should put in the correct pile (eg verb / noun).

Best regards

Asle Klock



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Hi Asle,

Welcome to H5P!

Thank you for your suggestion. 

I suggest that you check Drag and Drop it may not have audio but it comes really close to what you mentioned above :-)


Thank you for your answer :-) As I mention, I want the students to sort word (or other elements). How can I with drag and drop make eg 5 correct answers to the same area?

Best regards Asle


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Hi asle,

I created a simple content for you. Feel free to download it and use it as a template.


That's great :-) That's what I need.