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I have a problem with the report of the datums of the interative video to see when the students looked the last time at.

How does it work with the report of the Interactive video and achievements ? Only the first datum or I have to ask for all the datums ?
I use the report to know if and when the students have look at the H5P.

Fro example they did it on 12th December 2022.

They have to do it again and I have to see that they did it again. For example on April 2023.
But it seems that I only can see the first datum 12 December 2022. I never can see the last time April 2023 when they did look to the video.

How is it possible to follow all the temptations of the student and to see the  LAST datum when they looked at the video ?

I've made the duplication of the video and so I thought that the system should erase the first look, but it seems it is not the case.... So, I don'( kjnow if the students effectievely have looked one again to the video....

Thanks a lot for your answer.


B. M

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Unfortunately, you don't tell what platform you're running H5P on. It's the respective platform integration that handles storing of results.

Can I assume that you're using moodle? All attempts of any activity, not just H5P, should be listed in moodle's grade history (cmp. You will need to filter that huge list as needed. would list them in the drill-down reports (

WordPress has a very simple built-in report component. It will always show you the last attempt of content only.



Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, you've assumed correctly : I'm using Moodle :-)
I look at this with the ICT -team off the school and I hope it will be succesfull.
Have a nice day !