Question Set - Language Change from Finnish to English


We have found a bug when change the language to English (Text overrides and translations).


Adding content, User interface is in Finnish, all text come in Finnish except "Submit" = "Lähetä" and "You got @finals out of @totals points" = "Sait @finals pistettä kaikista @totals pisteistä"

This change everything else but "Finish" section texts:

Text displayed on end page when "Display results" is disabled
"Valmis" <> "Finished" (does not change on Question Set Language change)

This heading will be displayed at the end of the quiz when the user has answered all questions.
"Sinun tuloksesi:" <> "Your results:" 

This label will be used for announcing the final score to the user on the end screen
"Sait @finals pistettä kaikista @totals pisteistä" <> "You got @finals out of @totals points" (English text comes in Finnish UI Language = missing translation)

Text for the solution button.
"Katso vastaus" <> "Look answer"

Text for the retry button.
"Yritä uudelleen" <> "Try again"

Finish button text
"Lopeta" <> "Finish"

Submit button text
Was only in english: "Submit"
Should be translated: "Lähetä" <> "Submit" (English text comes in Finnish UI Language = missing translation)

2) Platform Moodle

3) Desktop

4) Browser: Any (used Edge)

5) H5P plugin version: 2020061500 (In Moodle)

6) Content Type: Question Set v. 1.17.6 updated to 1.20.7 (no change)

7-11, exclude 9) no errors, irrelevant

9) Screenshot included

Is there possible to do translations also to these texts when you change the Question set language Finnish <> English (or any language with the translation texts)?

I had no idea at the moment how I export H5P content file from the content bank so H5P file is not included.


Petri Hörkkö

Translation issue
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