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I added a drag and drp question where students are asked to drag examples of activities into one of two categories.  Somehow I have it set that the process of dragging and dropping allows students to only drop the example into the correct category.  If they try to drop it into an incorrect drop zone it is bounced back to its starting point.  Is this the expected way for this interaction to work? 

If not can someone sugges the setting to change to allow students to drop the example into the incorrect drop zone, and not to have this indicated (Until they click the check butoon that is)?


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Hi b_emory,

Please follow the steps below when creating a Drag & Drop activity with multiple drop zones and multiple draggables:

  1. Create the drop zones

  2. Create the draggables and place a check on the drop zones you would want the draggable to be dragged into (in most cases all the dropzones). This does not indicate the correct answer but only tells the content where you want to allow the draggable to be dropped.

  3. Edit each drop zone to place a check on the correct draggables.

You can also check this simple video on how to create a D&D with multiple drop zones and draggables.