Interactive Video - Free text question grading not passed to Moodle gradebook

I am using Moodle 4.1 and H5P plugin 1.23.2, Interactive Video library (1.24.4).

I have free text questions in interactive videos that are graded manually by the teachers. The scores update in the individual attempt screen

But the grade in the gradebook does not get updated (it should get updated to 4 points as it says in the image above, and then be shown "passed")  

I am not sure if this exact problem has been resolved in similar posts regarding problems with interactive video not passing grades to gradebook.

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As far as I know you will also need to manually change the grade in the gradebook.


I also have the same problem/question about this.  Is there really not a way to import grades from H5P activities into the gradebook?  It seems pretty strange that H5P reports the grade as being in the "Gradebook" but doesn't actually put it there.  Susan, did you find out any other info about this?