Yearly Calendar and todo

Hello h5p amazing developers,

Here is a small suggestion that might be of interest to you. As I work as teacher, I am trying to complete a yearly lessons plan literaly everything that I teach set together for ease of access as students sometimes might get overwhlemed by many contents/lessons shared. Current we have the monthly calendar developed by Oliver (thank you Oliver for sharing).  I am thinking that we should/could expand this content type or create a new content type to plam a whole academic year. Where students will have everything laid out for them. To make h5p even more interactive we could add things like to todo list on this unique content type. After each lesson/activity is created we can also move it freely between days. The important thing is the use of the calendar! as within schools everything is on the calendar. 

I hope this gets more likes for the ease of access it will bring to us as an educational community.. 



New content type
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