H5P in LearnDash LMS

Hi! Anyone familiar with LearnDash LMS? I am trying to insert an H5P type of content in a quiz question but it is nor showing in the frontend. However, it shows when I insert it in the Topic. I only want the H5P content on the quiz questions. Can I do that or I can only publish it in the Topics? Thanks!

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I am not familiar with LearnDash, but maybe the links below can help you?

As I am no looking for reporting as I have that sorted. My problem is that in LD, it seems, only shows the H5P type of quizzes in the Topics but not in the Quizzes (in the questions). 

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Does the shortcode show up when inserted, or is it removed?

If you try resizing the window, do the interaction appear then? 

No, when I publish it, it doesn't show up in the frontend question.  Thanks

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If you try resizing the window, do the interaction appear then?

There may be some dynamic showing and hiding of elements on the page, and if the H5P Content isn't visible on the initial display then it won't get a size and become visible. You could use the inspector in your browser to verify that the content is actually there if it's just hidden.

When you say resizing, do you mean the actual editor where the shortcode is inserted? I did enlarge that slot as much as I could but still no showing.

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No, when viewing the page where the task should appear, where the shortcode is gone, try changing the size of your web browser window and see if it appears. (This will trigger an event to resize the H5P Content on the page)

Yes! I just resized it and it shows!! What can I do so every student can see it but doesn't have to resize the page themselves? Thanks!

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This has to do with the dynamic element that you've inserted the H5P Content into. Why it's hidden upon page load I do not know, maybe it is an Accordion, or you have to press a button for the question to display? It could even be a theme thing or something related to LearnDash. 

Anyway, the element that is hiding the H5P Content has to trigger a resize event in order for the H5P Content to be displayed when the parent element becomes visible.

(the H5P Content does not know when it's time to display since this is controlled by another component outside of H5P)