H5P integration with Memberpress

Hi, I'm new here. I have recently purchased a Memberpress plugin for my wordpress site. I'm trying to integrate H5P quizzes to my course in Memberpress. Nothing would show up. I just entered the short code into the Memberpress quiz editor. Can someone please provide some assistance on the correct way of integrating it? 

Many thanks in advance!

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I have found the same issue, but I have overcome it by using the embed feature:

1. When you create an activity, make sure embed is checked.

2. Then copy the embed code.

3. Then paste into a custom HTML block in Gutenberg.

4. Then save and preview and you should see your content.

Comment back if you want some screen shots.


I had the same issue but found a workaround:

1. Make sure you select the embed option

2. After you save your activity, copy the embed code

3. Paste the embed code into a custom HTML Gutenberg block

4. Preview or publish your code and you should see your embedded activity!

See attachments for screenshots.