Google Classroom


I am an educator in North America. 

Google Classrooms is quite popular here and I am wondering if there is any development coming between Google Classroom/Suites and H5P?


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No official development for now. It may be possible in the future if Google Classrooms adds LTI support. It appears many people are interested in it:!topic/google-education/G8rlQVEkSSk

google classrom  is important for school in many countries. 

Ahhhh....just been told that I can't use my Moodle (which runs H5P beautifully) with my school students. We are a Google School is there any way Google can collect quiz data from H5P?.....HELP ! 

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Hi Dday,

Your post was answered here.


sarebbe molto utile per insegnanti poter preparare contenuti in h5p e poterli condividere su google classroom