Course Presentation / Fullscreen on iPhone / Android

We're using some course presentations in Wordpress here(down the page a bit):

and find - in some limited testing -- that they don't appear on some iPhones (6s with iOS 9.3.2), although they do appear on an iPhone 6.

Also - AFAICT - the fullscreen mode doesn't appear to work correctly on iPhones, iPad(v1?) and on Android (4.4.2 Galaxy Tab).

Just wanted to make sure we weren't doing something wrong before we just hide that control for tablets and smaller...

Seems to work fine on the desktop.


Many Thanks for the great tools though!!

So it appears most of the problems I found were just conflicts between the screen layout in the theme and the implementation of the semi-fullscreen mode in H5P. Hiding header and sidebar elements in the theme when in semi-fullscreen mode appears to resolve most of the issues I ran across. I still cannot get the H5P Presentation iframes to load on the iPhone 6s, but still investiagating that...

The theme being Enfold that is...

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Hi, I tested with an iPhone 6S and it worked just fine so it is not easy for me to help you out on this one :/ We test all updates on IOS on iPad and iPhone or iPod touch.

I did find some confilcts between theme implementation and the 'semi-fullscreen' mode that you use in mobile. I made some CSS changes to compensate when in this mode, and it appears to have largely resolved what we were seeing.

Thanks for looking at it!

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Super, glad you figured it out!