Offline installation of h5p editor


I am working on a moodle platform for a client that forbids any connexion outside his network.

So I've faced the "Site could not be registered with the hub" error, but it's all logical.

Do you know where I could look/search to be able to install H5P editors on that platform with the .zip that I can download on the H5P's github ?
I couldn't find any informations related to that subject on the documentation, and since it's nicely divided in modules, I feel like I am missing something obvious.

Thank you for your time,

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Hi Guillaume,

This is not possible as of the moment but there have been several discussions similar to your situation on this topic. Here's one example.


Hi BV52,

Ooh that's so sad :(

Do you know where I could find some documentation explaining the H5P's installation process of an editor ?
Do you know if it's a wanted behaviour (not to be able to install H5P editors offline) ?


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Hi Tazoeur,

There is a way for you to use H5P without connecting to the internet all the time. All you will have to connect to the internet through the initial phases of the setup and whenever there are updates to the contents. 

First install H5P into Moodle, you can find the instructions here.

Once installed you have to download the files for the contents. The fastest way to do this is download the examples here and uploading it through the H5P editor. I aso suggest that you start with Course Presentation, Column and Question set. These 3 content types will automatically bring over several contents that it is dependent on.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to post in the forum.


Hi BV52,

Thank you for your response.

I was more interested on seeing an explaination of that process, code wide. 
What are the steps the H5P plugin goes through when a user click on the "download" button of an editor inside the new H5P moodle activity ?
Is there any other documentation page that explains how H5P checks the version (by exemple before downloading) ?

My purpose is to tweak the code to make a proof of concept of an editor's offline installation.

Have a nice day,

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Hi Guillaume,

Have you tried downloading the Column example and then uploading it to the H5P Libraries (/mod/hvp/library_list.php) section of your Moodle site? This should give you most of the content types.