Checking answers pro question next to pro student


We have a feature request.
Teachers at our university would like to check the answers pro question next to checking the answers pro student.

If you want to check the answers now you go to the gradecenter and there you will find the report pro student.

It would be nice if it is possible the see the anwsers pro question, so you have an oveview pro question to see how well or poorly the question was answered.

Kind regards,


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Hi Marly,

Which LMS are you using and are you using the LTI integration with


Hi BV,

We are using Moodle 4.0, but I don't know if we are using the LTI integration with H5P (I think so?)

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I assume you are referring to using H5P with either the H5P plugin for moodle or moodle's own custom H5P integration. Then the "gradebook" is where you see results - not only from H5P, but from any moodle question. That's because the gradebook is not part of H5P, but of moodle. Feature requests would need to be directed there. But, I think what you're looking for is moodle's "single view".