Drupal 10 compatibility

Does anyone know when Drupal 10 compatibility for H5P can be expected? The security updates for Drupal 9 will expire soon.

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I'd have expected someone of H5P Group to answer this question, but my information will have to suffice then.

As far as I know, H5P Group is not planning to create and maintain an H5P plugin for Drupal 10 any time soon. Given that Drupal 9 has reached its end of life on Wednesday, that is a real bummer.

Someone in the community is supposed to be working on a plugin for Drupal 10 (which would be a good thing IMHO), but neither do I know who that is nor what the status might be.

And no, I also don't know why these pieces of information have not been actively made public earlier.



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I have posted the same question on the Developers forum here: https://h5p.org/node/1457661

And, yes, some people in the Drupal community are working on it... Let's hope they come up with a working soon.

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There must be at least one solution. UBC’s H5P Open Hub is runnin on Drupal 10. I assume that Yasin Dahi knows more ...

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Seems that the plugin was updated by the Drupal community and is now listing Drupal 10, see https://www.drupal.org/project/h5p/releases/2.0.0-alpha4.

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Thanks for the info, Oliver. Just downloaded that alpha-4 version on my local Drupal 10 install and I confirm that it works!

Now looking forward to a definitive version...

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I'd not intpret too much into the "alpha" label. A customer of mine has been using version 9 for years on a productive system without issues related to the plugin itself.

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean in your comment. When you write "I'd not intpret too much into the "alpha" label." do you mean that it's not prudent to use an alpha version on a production site? Of course I'm aware of that.

The only reason I'm looking forward to a definitive version of the H5P plugin compatible with Drupal 10 is that I keep getting (every day) notifications that my Drupal 9 version is outdated and I should upgrade to Drupal 10... I expect it can wait!

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No. I meant that you could have ignored the alpha label for 9 completely and you can potentially ignore it for 10 - how would the rest of my comment have made otherwise? My customer HAS been using the "alpha" version of the plugin on a productive Drupal 9 system without any issues.

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Thanks for the clarification, Oliver.

Thank you @otacke for all your informations! The Alpha-Update works good for us.

Is there a public website using the plugin, link? Does anyone have issues running the plugin alpha4?

The website  https://h5p.open.ubc.ca/ appears to be running on wordpress and not drupal