AR Scavenger could use a bit more work please.


Right now, the image is not planted on the image. It should be flat and possibly adjusted with an unlock button that shows some gizmos for axis, rotate, and scale controls. 

It just seems to plant and have random rotation. The potential is good. Let's get to there please.

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Hello again!

I am sorry, but it is hard for me to interpret what you're actually suggesting. I assume that you are referring to 3D model overlays and that they are not centered on top of the marker by default. You may also request some default orientation.

That solely depends on where the 3D model was put in the scene and how it was scaled inside whatever 3D modeling software was used to create the model. A 3D modeling software can be used to change the models conveniently. I agree that there's room for improvement in AR Scavenger. The form fields to correct the position, scaling and rotation are not too ergonomic. But that what money was available for.

But maybe it helps if I tell you a little about the content type and its creation. It was contract work. So for me, this was something that I built for someone else, not because I desperately wanted to build something like this. The idea was never to create a "perfect" solution, but to get something out in the realm of AR that can be used to take your first steps with, both as a teacher and as a user - without the need to have a particular type of operating system or to pay for an app or similar. On top, of what the content type can do now, only about 50 % of the development time was actually covered by funding - not even considering changes after release. The rest was (once more) contributed in my free time.

Overall, I am not too eager to put more of my free time into this content type. But the source code is openly available and can be used for free. Feel free to hire a software developer to improve the code and share it.


What coding language is it? Have you tried using the AI coding assists?

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It is JavaScript. And no. I simply doubt that those assistents would be of much help here.

You would be surprised. I'm surprised a lot of good developers don't know about it. Coding from scrach is impressive but being able to prompt it what you want, it can help you exactly especially if you know the language.

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I have tried ChatGPT and Codepilot but not for AR Scavenger. I merely doubt that they'd be useful for amemding this project the way you want to. Feel free to prove me wrong.

Is the code in 1 file?

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There are several components, see (How can I get it)

You know which file is the position coordinates of the model being shown?

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You'll probably have to familiarize yourself how H5P works first. There is not one file. The geometry form fields are defined in semantics.json and put into the custom input row widget.

How long does it take to get familiarized?

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I don't think this question can be answered sensibly.

I know how to code in other programs. I assume all the stuff to code isn't too new and AI can help me?

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I agree with Oliver there really is no way to know how long it may take for someone to familiarized with how H5P works.

I think these might help:


Best way is.. is there a base coding package that I can build off of?

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Yes, there's the H5P boilerplate repository. But it feels outdated and should have received some update.

Have you tried feeding all of the code into an AI?

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No. I don't believe in miracles. But you're welcome to try this on your own time. I'm off.

I'm not sure exactly what is needed to code up an app for H5P beyond just the boiler plate code..

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If you got the boilerplate running, it's merely JavaScript that is wrapped inside. So, it is normal web development. The functions like `getScore` (that may be needed depending on what you want to achieve) are document here on

so it's just a javascript game?

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What else would some client-side web application be?

Is it just javascript?


Why need boiler plate code? 

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To not write standard code over and over from scratch, for instance? What would that have to do with the language that is used?

How hard is it to make somethinf that works from nothing?

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Is that a philosophical question? Sorry I don't have time for this conversation and would like to end our pen pal relationship here.

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How hard is it to make something that works from nothing?

It's not that hard, if you have the right powers, see Six days of Creation: Genesis 1:3–2:3. Well, someone (Oliver?) might argue that the world we live in, although made from nothing does not work that well.