Monash Law Library - Legislative research game


This game was built for first-year law students to consolidate their research skills during Library research classes (approximately 500 students). The Librarians facilitated the research game on the screen, while students worked together to answer the questions. The game was also provided online through the University’s Learning Management System for students to revisit after class and continue practicing their skills. The premise of the game is that the players’ puppy has been stolen. Players must use their legislative research skills to solve puzzles and find clues to save their puppy. Incorporated game mechanics include time/urgency (countdown timers for each puzzle), storyline and goals (stolen puppy must be saved!), freedom to fail (play multiple times), and reward (successful saving of the puppy!). The H5P platform enabled the integrating of this combination of different game elements into one class activity, which increased students’ intrinsic motivation to learn.

Feedback on the legislative research game was very positive. Staff members who facilitated the sessions commented on the enthusiasm of students and their engagement with the game. Students could be heard cooing when first shown the puppy they must save, and laughing at the humourous sections of the game, such as when the puppy refuses to leave its captor until it knows of any current Bills. Students cooperated to answer the questions and move forward in the game as a class, bringing a sense of camaraderie and achievement when the game was won. After the classes, students provided feedback via a digital form and although the response rate was low, the data indicates the success of the game. Of the 31 respondents, 81% agreed or strongly agreed that the game helped them to practice the research skills they learnt in class. In addition, 74% of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they were more engaged in learning during the H5P game, than through other class activities.

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