Uploading Interactive Book - 500 (Internal Server Error)

We migrated from Wordpress.com to Wordpress.org, the owner of the content downloaded the content via moodle I belive using the reuse function. He now has all of the content sitting in a folder.

I have now setup a wordpress.org using AWS Lighstail for hosting. Everything is running brilliantly and I have downloaded the sample h5p book and uploaded with no issues. However, when I try and upload one of the owners files it says it uploads and then produces an error 500 (all attached).

I have also gone to H5P.com and trialed uploading his content with the same issue, I then uploaded the H5P sample and it works fine. So deductive reasoning would leave me to belive it is something within the file structure itself.

Any help would be massively appreaciated! And I am happy to provide more information.

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Good reasoning. The file itself seems to be fine though. I could upload it to a local WordPress site with H5P without any issues. The content.json file that holds the content parameters also seems to be fine at first sight. AND I could also upload it to H5P.com without getting into trouble (which is strange if you could not).

Could you check how the 500 error message description text continues? On your screenshot you can see "There h..." which is the 500 message that's intended to be displayed in the browser, but given that it is the response to a AJAX request, it is not. Is this more than some generic "There has been an error" message? Unfortunately, the 500 error code does not tell you much beyond "something has gone wrong" on the server.