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We created one H5P content of mark the word component as per our style in our wordpress (WordPress 6.4.2). The issue is while changing the screen size the content inside the h5p iframe is getting overflow and the overflowing part is hidder under the div section. How can I resolve this issue? For further reference of you I will here attach the website url with the mark-the-word component : https://unterrichtseinheiten.boeckler.de/h5p-mark-the-words-bug/ 

Below I am attaching the bug part

The bug free part should be like below ( In above image the last paragarph not getting display fully in some cases, for reproduce that error you can make the screen in inspect mode and do refresh)


Content types: 
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Seems you're running all kinds of custom scripts to modify things. One of them crashes. Not saying that this is the cause for your issue, but I doubt someone would want his/her free time to copy your local setup just to fix your issue.


Thank you Oliver for your valuable suggetion. How can I figure out which styles are crashing?

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You can simply open your browser's development console, and you'll see the error messages from one of your customization scripts.