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how can i fix this probelms? my connection is ok, i've already try in different browser, and all it's same. It's moodle 4.3, and PHP 8.1. And it's the first time, before this, the h5p it's work. i also already try another method, create the video inside the H5p without upload from file, and it's same

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Dear hcbocorocco,

I can't see any problems with your h5p file you've uploaded here. Maybe it's a problem with your ISP?



i already change my ISP, and it still same. But sometimes the h5p is work, but only in a moment, if i open it a day later, it doesnt work again

i already change my ISP and it's same. But sometimes the h5p is work and it only for a moment. After a day later, it doesnt works again.