Features missing in Image Slider

A few features are missing in the Image Slider:

         - Optional static text on pictures (for example names, descriptions), often beneficial to have on top, but could also be moved to other position. Can be optional as "extrude-to-textbox"-icon.

        - Implement in course presentation, in adjustable size

 The hover text does not seem to work before cursor has been outside of the picture frame.

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Hi Dagolere,

Thank you for the suggestions :-)


Is this already built in or possibly in planning, similar to the question content types?

In Opigno you can set the quiz that loads the image slider to have a pass rate of 0% which will show it as complete
however the user will receive "You got 0 of 1 possible points. Your score: 0 %", which can be confusing.

It would be really great to record the achievement with the score (LMS / LRS), which would then acts also as a confirmation.

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Hi markusd1984,

Thank you for the suggestion.


It would be really nice to be able to output a text overlay or below the slides (above the circle nav).  Just some sort of description (that could double as assistive reader text!)

I tried a few javascript codes to output the title or alt text but couldn't get it working.