Readspeaker and Moodle compatibility

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Hi, I use Readspeaker (it's a piece of accessibility software that can read out loud text on screen).

I've noticed a few forum posts and even some feature improvement notices on the site that specifically mention the use of ReadSpeaker with H5P. I have a feeling this was related to either wordpress or drupal.

My issue is that I use H5P within Moodle (the core version) and when installing the official Moodle Readspeaker plugin here: no H5P content is accessible for ReadSpeaker to 'read out loud' content.

I've previously attempted to code in the ability to use the moodle readspeaker plugin along with the moodle (core) H5P content / activities, with some success (I had it working with course presentation and one other activity type). This was difficult as there are many libraries used - one difficulty I had was course presentation technically loads two pages at a time. This mean it read two pages (the second page was not visible content until scrolling to the next page) and so I had to do some exceptions to only read the first page.... Needless to say I gave up on my approach, it felt very hacky.

  • My first question is "does anyone know if ReadSpeaker works with their Moodle H5P content?".
  • Secondly, "does ReadSpeaker work with Wordpress H5P content?".

If it works for Wordpress, but not Moodle I'll most likely contact the readspeaker plugin developers.
If ReadSpeaker works with Moodle H5P content, is there anything special you did to enable it to work?



ReadSpeaker and Moodle
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