Different and same content

Dear H5P team,

First of all, thank you for your hard work! H5P is great and gets better every update!

I am a member of the SpeakApps project (EU LLP, www.speakapps.eu). In this project, we developed the Tandem tool to support online speaking practise between different online language learners. Tandem allows two different students from tow different computers to work on the same or different information in a sequence of tasks.

One student invites the other for a sequence of tasks, where the first tasks is about the same information (e.g. they discuss the image / information that they both see on their screen) whereas the other task is discussing different information (spotting the difference, talking about different objects, and so on).

Now the H5P content types allow students to discuss much more things together. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a functiontality where students can discuss the same content types or different content types, for example in 'question set'?

Thanks for your consideration!

Best regards from Groningen!



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I'm glad to hear that you like H5P, and love your ideas.

This is definitively something I would love to see in H5P as well, and I think it will happen in the future. We need for someone to contribute these features as new content types, patches or funding.