Fill in blanks - audio files inside the text

Hello everyone!

It would be great if one could add audio files in the text block of "fill in blanks"  (maybe a clickable loudspeaker-icon just in front of the blank) to dictate the missing word. This would be useful for tests or lessons that do not check the understanding but only the correct writing, which for me as a German teacher is quite essential;

  • the idea is to give the whole dictation-text as a video in the media-area (to make sure everyone understands the meaning of the text even if he/she is not a good reader yet)
  • to supply a fill-in-blanks-text for students who still struggle with writing a long dictated text  and let them fill in just a number of words which allows them to concentrate longer on them;
  • this way the words to be filled in would still be surrounded by meaningful text, but I thus would avoid to have mistakes caused by bad reading or misunderstanding

Example: Russia is still the *(icon, on click you hear the word "biggest") _____________ (blank for "biggest") country in the world.

I am not a wizzard in JavaScript so I can only suggest how to implement it (maybe create a folder with a unique name where to upload all audio files and then just link to them with a pattern like ::audio:biggest.wav:: in the text.

I would really appreciate if it could be done.


Best regards,

Detlef from Germany

audio files in the textblock of fill in blanks
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Hi Detlef,

Thank you for the suggestion and detailed explanation.


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Hi Detlef!

It's not exactly what you have in mind, but I have a working prototype of a new content type which I call "Dictation". You can get an idea of what it does from the image that I attached to this post. Could create a brief video, too. I hope to find enough time for giving it the finishing touches at the end of this month.


Hi, I'm interested in the 'Dictation' content type you have been working on. Have you been able to finish it yet? Like Detlef, as a language teacher, it would be useful for me.

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Hi enib!

There's just some code polishing to do.