Picture of Tip text missing


I have a problem with Tip Text.
When I use the Summary Content item and paste Tips in a statement, there are not talking box icon in Explorer, Safari and Firefox. It works fine in Safari.
If I move the mouse over the place where the icon should be, the text field tip is displayed, and I can click on the invisible icon.

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Strange, does it work for you here? http://h5p.org/summary (I tested with IE and FF, and works in both)

Maybe your sites css does something with the icon?

 http://h5p.org/summary works fine for me to.

Do you have any idea what css-tag or -element names H5P use here?

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The css classes joubel-tip-icon and joubel-tip-container are used on divs. If you send me a link to the page with the problem I'll have a look.