Add setting for video preload and poster

Video tag could have a "preload" option which determines whether the video should be automatically preloaded by the browser, even if the user doesn't interact with it. In case of a set of questions with many videos, preloading may unnecessarily consume transfer. Additionally, to prevent the not-preloaded videos look black, it would be nice to have the "poster" option to show an image as the placeholder.

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Good point. Also, related to QuestionSet it loads all questions initially. In the future it probably will load the first and preload the next but not more until the user moves ahead. This is what Course Presentation does.

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I'd have to agree. With a YouTube clip as an interactive video is slow on a mobile, so a preloader would be very useful. I've added a simple H5P where when viewed on a mobile is a little slow.

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I agree, the YouTube streaming can be a bit troublesome when you're on a slow connection. The YouTube streaming is a bit different compared to using a low-quality video file directly. The video file can often be cached(stored) on the device creating a smoother experience, while the YouTube stream must constantly communicate with a server.

May I ask what phone you're testing on?

On most mobile devices the preloading requires the user to hit play first. A web page isn't allowed to automatically start downloading large amounts of data that the user hasn't requested. When using a regular video file the browser decides how much to preload before playing. Using YouTube I believe it's up to the YouTube servers how much is preloaded. There might be some hacks to trigger additional preloading, but nothing officially supported that will make for a good and lasting solution.

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Hi ICC - I tried an iPhone 6+, Android Asus Transformer Tablet and iPhone 5. Also tried on an iOS Simulator, all with the same results. 

Hope this helps :)