Which library contains the "check" button?

I am trying to find which library file contains the check button that's being used in H5P.MultiChoice. I am trying to remove it and I could use some advice.


Thank you

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Hi Saosin!

Depending on your exact use case, there may be several answers.

If you simply want to remove (hide) the button, you could modify the CSS of the content type that you have in mind. There's some documentation about doing that: https://h5p.org/documentation/for-developers/visual-changes If you figured this out, you'd just have to change the CSS class belonging to the (content type's) check button.

If you need to dig a little deeper, you should look for calls to the addButton function within the content types files. The first parameter usually is 'check-answer', so you could search for


within the code.

If you need to dig even further down, you'll find the implementation of the addButton function in H5P Question: https://github.com/h5p/h5p-question/blob/master/scripts/question.js#L117... -- but I guess that will not be necessary.

Please bear in mind that patching the code instead of using the CSS approach will require you to patch it again if you install new official versions of content types that you modified.

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Thank you for the input otacke.

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Hi Saosin,

Hiding the check button is possible by checking "Automatically check answers" if the activity is on "Single Choice (Radio Buttons)" mode. If  the content is on Multi-choice mode the check button is there to give the user control when he/she is done answer. Furthermore removing the check button for multi-choice questions there is no way of knowing that the user is done answering.

An example of this is if there are 4 choices and 3 them are the correct you would then have to create a rule that will automatically end the quiz once the user have chosen 3 correct answers. This in turn will limit the capabilities of the quiz since in some cases you don't want to inform the user how many should they chose from the given set of answers.

Still it has it's own uses and you can follow the advice given by otacke.


Hello and thank you for responding otacke and BV52. My goal is to basically have 10 multiple choice questions. The user will go from question 1 > 10 and they can see their result/solutions once they have answered all 10 questions which are multiple-choice content based. A few of the questions may have more than 1 answer that needs to be selected by the user.

I suppose the easiest way to hide it would be through css. Would something like this work?

h5p-question-check-answer h5p-joubelui-button {
    visibility: hidden;
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Hi Saosin,

There is a new update (released yesterday) for Quiz (Question Set) that can achieve this. Under "Settings for "Check", "Show solution" and "Retry" uncheck the option "Show "Check" buttons". This option hides the check button.

You will also have an option to automatically check answers (question will move forward once all correct answers are chosen) or manual (user has the option to click next if they think they already have all the answers). This can be found under "Behavioural Settings" for each question. I prepared a sample content that would better illustrate this. Feel free to download it and check the settings, you can also use it as a template :-)