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hi falcon,I ran into something called active book wow it is amazing.. let me share, its basicly a pdf viewer wher pdfs are uploaded and we get a view of the pages in the file (showing on the top of the reader) but at the same time you can add simple pen writing, highlights, shapes or text,  using the canvas api...  I looked at drupal.org and found a few modules that allow the use of html 5 paint canvas.

the livefeedback kind of does the same but extermely limited, or probably not I haven't used any of the modules yet...
I am attaching an image of active book.. it is on a private server.. with paid access I was able to take this screen shot I believe this will have a great impact in learning even if it ends up as a canvas where the learner gets to practice multiplication or even writing using a stylus...

I hope you can see this great idea and consider it the next time you revise you road map I would love to help out by providing feedback...

as for the learners feed back if only one page is captured at once then it could probably be saved under /user/content/page .. I am sure you have much better experince in design than I do..



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Great idea! Thanks for reporting. We'll consider this.

Hi falcon,

on this I just found a new sandbox module that kinda of does this .. it is in the description have a look..


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Interesting. It's noted! Will take some time for us to get around to this.

Hi falcon,

Great news again I have found a start here is a h5p drawing board https://github.com/Jaripekkaf/h5p-DrawingBoard this would be great for students to doodle on specially in math class...

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Hi falcon I am always happy to help... you gents are doing a wonderful job helping us teachers make learning fun and engaging for our students. ....


I feel this is one possible way to look at the drawing board. . But using the drawing board to manpilate pdfs is a content type that could be worth while to look into....

Thanks for all your hard work and cooperation. ..



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It is a community effort more and more people are planning, coding, designing, doing anything they can to help move H5P forward. Hope we'll see the drawing board being shared here soon. Thanks again for sharing!