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I moved over from Zaption to H5P and have now created a number of videos to show my classes.

It was relatively easy to "publish" in Zaption but I have not yet figured out how to do it here.

I need to allow my students who are using brightspace/desire to learn to see the videos I created.  

How do I do this?


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Is there a course I can take or people I can talk with about integrating content in our LMS?


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It's good to hear that you decided to give H5P a try.

I'm not very familiar with D2L but it should be possible to use the embed button below your videos and then insert the code under the Insert Stuff -> Enter Embed Code in the D2L text areas.

The disadvantage with this simple embed is that you won't get the results for your students sent back into D2L. In order to achieve this, the content must be inserted through LTI. Now, D2L supports LTI but unfortunately it isn't supported on, yet.
Let me know if this is crucial for you so we can have a look at how to best solve this.

If H5P could be integrated with the big LMSs (Learning Management Systems) like Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, and D2L I'm sure you would win a lot of fans in the world of educational technology, and education generally.

It would solve so many problems for people like me (a learning technologist at a big UK university) who use an LMS at work - in my case we use Blackboard. With H5P I can have interactive content and formative quizzes and tests embedded in-line in a page/item with other learning materials (not possible with Blackboard's built-in tools). I can already do this but by using the H5P embed code, which is great.

But when I want the students to take a summative assessment (i.e. it is important to know what grades the students get) I have to resort to using BB's own test functionality so the students' grades are reported within the LMS and accessible to both the lecturer and the students. This means sending students to an unfamiliar, less intuitive testing environment, which doesn't feel right to me. With LTI integration I could have the student's grades on the H5P quizzes etc. reported directly in the LMS. Bingo!




Students could see their grades reported in the grade centre in their LMS
No need create/log in to a


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Thank you for your thoughts, which fits good with ours :) The scenario you are describing is something H5P will support at some point! Stay tuned!

Hi fnoks, and many thanks for your positive reply. Can't wait to satrt using H5P more.


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falcon's picture is coming this year with LTI and thus integration options for Canvas, Blackboard and more. You may sign up there for updates.