I would like to create several quizz. One of the quizz aims to know if our uses are happy with the website. 

1. is it possible to disable the points / scoring of the quizz ? Or at least to not display them for the users ? 

2. Is it possible to do it for just 1 quizz ? 

Thank you in advance

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Hi! Yes, just uncheck the Display results option under the Quiz finished section when editing the quiz.

Have a nice day!


Sorry, I didn't phrase my question very well. I already found the "Display results" option. 

What I can't find is a way to disable the true / wrong item that appears under the question (picture attached)

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Ah, I see. Unfortunately, this currently isn't possible but I can see how this would be useful.
I'll add this to a list of suggested changes for the next release and then get back to you when it's ready.

Thank you!