Do we have such features for making questions?


Do we have such features for making questions now?

-Matching words. For example match words and their defenitions.

-Matching sound file and text /image/sound.

-Sequence sentences. for example sentences of a dialog.



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Hi Salamzaban,

I'm afraid these activities are not possible in their raw form. There are some contents that can achieve them to some degree. 

  1. A good candidate for the Matching Words is Drag the Words.
  2. Matching sound file - Would take a bit of work but this can be achieved by using Course Presentation. You can insert audio and use drag and drop to match with text/image.
  3. Sequence sentences would be a bit tricky but Drag and Drop can be used for this.

I hope this helps. With a little practice you will find more combinations and uses for the contents in H5P and if you have any questions feel free to post in the forum.