Timeline creation

Integration with Moodle is superb. Thank you.

What I would like to be able to do with my students is to get them to create a timeline rather than just view one produced by me. The way I envisage this working would be for them to put the relevant information into a Moodle database and then have this pulled and displayed by the H5P timeline. On the edit settings page instead of just 'upload' and 'create' there might be a 'use database' option.

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I'm glad you like the integration :)

Have you tried giving them access to 'create' timelines through changing their permissions for the given course ? Could this be a solution for you ?

Yes, I have thought of various workarounds but most I have considered so far will be more hassle than it's worth, e.g. a hundred different timelines being created in one place with associated errors and mischieve. Thanks anyway.

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Each H5P store all it's data in the database (as JSON). There's a clear separation between the data and the logic used for displaying the timelines. The code making the JSON into a timeline is not duplicated, i.e all timelines use the same codebase. In my mind, what you are asking for is really what is happening already. But, I might be missing something :)