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My university wants to implement H5P for the upcoming semester, and I'm writing documentation to help familiarize the faculty and educate them on how H5P functions within Moodle. While doing my research (read: fiddling with H5P in Moodle), I noticed I'm able to keep attempting graded activities just by leaving the activity page and coming back.

Is there any way to prevent students from taking advantage of this?

There's a way to lock grades in the gradebook, but the only option is to have it locked immediately or at a set date/time -- not automatically after a person has finished an attempt.

The only method I've found that seems to work is putting the activity under a Moodle topic by itself, setting it to be marked as complete when it receives a grade, then setting the topic to close itself off to any student who completes the activity. The issue with this is the activity will also vanish from the student's gradebook. This can ultimately be addressed, but it's a tedious process that I won't go into here -- the point is the only fix I've found is so time-consuming that instructors would likely opt to just not deal with it.

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You should be able to achieve this by enabling the "Save content state" in the H5P Settings page. This will make the site remember where the student was when he next visits the H5P. If you additionally select that 'retry' is not available for the content types that allow this, I believe you will have your desired behaviour. Unfortunately not every interaction supports disabling 'retry', so you'll have to choose only the interactions that has this behaviour if this is an essential requirement for you.

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Thanks for your reply. I've spoken with one of our Moodle administrators and "Save content state" appears to be active (see attached image), but the problem is still going on. Is there anything we should look for to tell if this is a problem on our end or a bug with H5P? At first I thought it might be an option within H5P, like disabling the Retry button, but I didn't see anything.

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Hi kmarti,

Please inform the Moodle administrators to turn this on by going to site administration -> plugins -> H5P settings, this is the first option on the list (screenshot attached).



Thanks for the response. The activities will now save student progress -- for example, it remembers where the words were placed on a Drag the Words activity -- but it still doesn't block the student from changing their answers. I click the "Check" button to receive a grade, leave and come back, and I'm able to move words around and click "Check" again to change the grade.

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Yes, this is the extent to which we provide support for Drag the Words. The different content types has different behaviours, for instance in Course Presentation and Question Set you can disable retry for all questions within, same with Blanks, I think you just have to experiment a little with the different content types to see if they will fulfill your needs.

Thanks for all the help. I just wanted to get a full understanding of what could be done as far as limiting retries before I wrote in the documentation that it can't be done.


Did you find a solution for limiting retries?  I am also trying to find a solution to this issue for my students.

It's been over a year since I've touched H5P, but if memory serves I didn't mess around much with limiting retries after this thread. Ultimately, I included a warning in the documentation that H5P is not recommended for major graded assignments due to this and other factors.

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