Make everything automatic

It would be nice if everything could be checked automatically. Like the math quiz. I don't think users want to click twice. One click for the answer and another to check it.

Anyway, H5P is pretty cool so far.

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Are you thinking of a specific H5P content type?

I was thinking about all the content types that ask questions. I think there should be a way to get rid of the check answer button, and replace it with automatic checking.

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This has been done for those question types where we know when the user is finished, e.g. Single Choice Set and Arithmetic Quiz. In Multiple Choice, eg, I don't see any way we can get rid of the check button, simply because we don't know when the user is finished answering a question.

PS: For Fill in the Blanks, there is an auto-check feature, which is demonstrated here

With Multiple choice, it can check the answer automatically each time the user inputs something. It could work the same way as the drag and drop.

I meant to say "drag the words" content type

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This could be implemented, but e.g. with a multiple choice with radio buttons (one correct answer), the end user could click through all alternatives to find the correct one. But with a setting enabling this, I guess It would OK letting the author decide how it should behave!

Anyway, this is (afaik) currently not someone is working on.