How to create JAVA based H5P plugins for JAVA based publishing platforms


Hi Team,
As per the H5p community, H5P plugins are so far only created for PHP based publishing platforms. H5P has been designed to be easy to implement on new platforms.but as a beginner I am unable to move forward so could you please provide me some guidelines to create an H5P plugin using java language to support java based applications.

Q1)Is H5P providing any web services to create the plugin?

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Provide some API to impletemt H5P plugins in any language
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Hi Raju!

Porting a framework such as H5P to a different platform is quite an undertaking, but if you like to tackle it, I suggest you have a look at our developer resources for platform development and one of the existing plugin implementations. You will e.g. which interfaces should be implemented in order to allow database storage, file access, etc.

Ad Q1: No, sorry. H5P does not offer webservices that you can build your plugin from.