Memory game - Laying out the cards

The game is really easy and quiqk to create.

Laying the cards is controlled through the choice "Position the cards in a square":

  • if checked, it "Will try to match the number of columns and rows when laying out the cards. Afterward, the cards will be scaled to fit the container".
    When we have many cards, it will lay out some cards out of the screen . Making the game difficult to play

  • if unchecked, it will scale the images appropriately to lay the cards in rows. 
    But they might be smaller than needed and not evenly distributed in the rows.
We would have better control on the size of images, if we could define the number of rows (2 or 3 rows for example).So:
  • instead of the choice "Position the cards in a square" we would have
  • "Number of rows to position the cards"
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Thank you for the suggestion Nikolas.