Survey with a numeric scale?


I would love to be able to create a survey with a scale (eg. 1-5). 

Maybe there is already a way to do so in H5P? If so, can you let me know?


survey with a scale
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Hi Brigette,

Quiz (Question) should be able to handle this with multiple choice acting as the survey question. Here is a simple sample feel free to download it and use as a template. Please note of the following.

In the Multiple Choice Behavioural settings:

  • Question type is single choice
  • Randomize Answer should be disabled (unless you use words as the answers or won't mind having the answers move around)
  • Give 1 point for the whole task is checked.

Main Question set settings

  • "Display results" and "Display solution button" under "Quiz finished"
  • Under Settings for "Check", "Show solution" and "Retry" -- "Show "Check" buttons" should be unchecked


Thanks BV52, 

Ideally I would like to make an "online form" of sorts with say 50 questions layed out in a grid format (questions on the y axis, scale on the x). But nonetheless thanks for the suggestions!


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Thank you for the clarification. I think some minor tweaks in the Multi-choice content can achieve this and I hope someone from the community picks this up. ;-)


Hi, I also thought of doing the multiple-choice quiz item for a survey, however, I needed a way to use the points/grading system to determine recommendations to give based on the total points. Do you have suggestions how to do this?

For example: in a scale of 1 to 3, with 3 questions, the student chooses 3 for all, total 9 points, then they receive a message on the feedback for recommendations set for those who get points within a range of 7 to 9.

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Hi acereviewcenter,

I'm afraid this is not possible. MCQ does not have an actual "survey" mode. The workaround I provided above can only act as a "survey" since it does not provide the user an actual score but outside of that there are a lot of limitations to it.


I see... can you recommend any other way? external link or so?

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Hi acereviewcenter,

I'm afraid I don't know of any external sources. Someone else in the community may have other ideas.