Shapes in Course Presentation

It would be so amazing to be able to draw very simple shapes in Course Presentation. Circles and arrows as an example to highlight something on the screen.

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This is a great suggestion, I would love that functionality too. Can you create an issue for this on github ? If you're a developer a pull request would be even better :)

Will create an issue on github and will start with tests locally... to see how far I can go. Doing some research now. I will probably start doing a front end interface and the actual drawing part using js... and see where it will bring me =)

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That's awesome. Let me know how it works out and don't hesitate to ask questions or for help in the issue

Guys, last update to interactive video is amazing! Shapes work great, and I love the glowing effect that hints to click them. I will be trying to see how easy is to move shapes to the Interactive Presentation, with pretty much the same interaction to move to another slide when clicked, or just highlight slide areas... I guess it will be a bit easier now, when there is a working example in one of the libraries!

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Glad to hear you like the latest IV updates :)

To get the shapes into CP, you should be able to reuse much of the code here:

Good luck!