Hello World - Using other libraries

I am trying to do this tutorial: https://h5p.org/using-other-libraries#comment-form

But, I am pretty sure that I made a lot of mistakes (especially because when I uploaded the library, it didn't work at all). I don't know exactly where in each file to put the code. It would be nice if the tutorial had example files to look at. Would you mind taking a look and letting me know what I did wrong? Thanks

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Thank you for raising this question. I haven't gone through your code thoroughly but there were a bracket issue in your css. That shouldn't be causing the problems you're seeing though. The semantics was missing the fields that greeting card needs, this will cause the problems you saw I think. It only contained the library for the new stuff.

I have now updated the tutorial(changed it quite a lot) and attached a working version of greeting card that uses an existing library. Is it better?

Yes. Much better. I got it working now.